A range of accommodation options are available, including homestay, hostel facilities and rental properties (houses or apartments). IES recommends an initial period of homestay for all new students especially those new to Brisbane or living apart from their family for the first time.

Our Student Services staff will be happy to assist new students to find the appropriate accommodation. You may contact our Accommodation Department via email:

Under 18 Accommodation Options

Students over 17 and under the age of 18 at the commencement of their FY program will be expected to live in AHN homestay or Allen Street Accommodation. Students under the age of 17 at the time of commencing their FY program are to live in AHN homestay only. Any queries regarding Under 18 accommodation can be sent to our Accommodation Department via email


Living in an Australian household will give students the opportunity to experience Australia’s multi-cultural heritage and way of life, get to know the basic geography of Brisbane and learn to use the public transport system. English is the primary language in all homestay households. All IES homestays are carefully selected to meet IES requirements and all provide each student with their own bedroom in a safe and secure environment. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided each day but can vary depending on the package selected.

Homestay hosts are based in areas with convenient public transport to IES. Travelling time to IES will vary between 45 minutes to one hour by public transport. Students are expected to stay a minimum of four weeks but many students stay much longer.

For more information visit 
For bookings contact
AHN Tel:1300 697 829  or Brisbane 07 3122 3595

Allen Street Accommodation

ASA (Allen Street Accommodation) is located at 59 - 61 Allen Street, Hamilton. Travelling time to IES by bus, train or ferry is around 30 - 35 minutes. ASA offers breakfast and dinner 5 days per week. Students aged 17 and above are welcome to apply.

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Any questions regarding Under 18 accommodation arrangements can be made through the Accommodation Department via email

Independent Accommodation

IES Accommodation Department maintain a register of accommodation convenient to IES and suitable for student living. Our staff are available to provide advice and assistance in the selection of appropriate accommodation.

Further information is provided by clicking on the links below, or by contacting our Accommodation Department via email:

The following residences are recommended for IES Foundation Year students:


Allen Street Accommodation - Hamilton








Applications can be done online or directly with the facility.

IES do not arrange these types of accommodation bookings.


The Pad

The Pad is a property management service specialising in arranging share accommodation for students. Many properties are located within a 5km radius of Spring Hill.

Students can arrange a share accommodation before arriving in Brisbane. However IES recommends that students personally inspect available properties after their arrival. IES Accommodation staff will assist in liaising with The Pad to arrange inspections and advise on leases.

Airport Pickup

IES can arrange for you to be met at Brisbane International Airport. Please advise IES Accommodatin department at least one week prior to arriving by emailing if you wish to use this service. You will be given a 24-hour phone number in case of changes to your flight details.

Please note that this service is compulsory for students under 18 where IES acts as their guardian.