Foundation Year Student Success

In 1998 the first students graduated from The Foundation Year program and began their undergraduate studies at The University of Queensland. Since then, more than 4,500 international students have successfully completed the foundation year program and passed onto UQ. The Foundation Year annually enrols around 500 students from more than 40 different countries.

Over 85% of each graduating group are successful in gaining entrance to UQ across a wide range of programs and faculties. Entry requirements are prescribed in advance and all students who meet those stated requirements are offered a place at UQ.

Foundation Year graduates enjoy a high measure of academic success at UQ. Studies undertaken indicate that Foundation Year Alumni have an average GPA higher than that of other international students.

Major programs of study selected by 2013 Foundation Year graduates

Note: the above chart is only a sample and does not represent all UQ undergraduate programs studied by graduating Foundation Year students.

The Foundation Year program is also accredited as 30954QLD Certificate IV in University Preparation (CRICOS Course Code 075730A). Students can apply for entry to all Australian universities using their results on 30954QLD Certificate IV in University Preparation as evidence of academic study. Students have been accepted in all major Australian universities including Melbourne University, Monash, University of NSW and Sydney University.